This is from one of our web engineers concerning a problem we've encountered in 
our testing of Resin 4.x (currently 4.0.6).

Our site almost exclusively uses a shorthand for: 
    <c:out value="${something.itsthing}"/> 

Instead we simply use:

With resin 4.x, this is being interpreted literally and rather then seeing a 
value like xxxx we see on the rendered pages the literal ${something.itsthing}. 
We would like to move to resin 4.x to take advantage of several features, but 
the work involved in rewriting and testing the change to <c:out .../> will be a 
huge undertaking. Is there a way to tell Resin 4.x to use an older version of 
jstl, or to interpret the shorthand notation when it sees it in JSP files?


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