Hi. I have a need to inform a client of changes to its data set. The client is 
usually an iPhone, and I use Apple's Push Notifications to let it know that it 
should query the server for new data.

But now I want to do this on a platform that doesn't support Apple Push 
Notifications. There are only a few instances of this, but I' not sure the best 
way to go about it.

One is to simply make the data request frequently. It returns null when there's 
no data for the client. Another might be to open a persistent connection and 
block on a read to the server, and the server will just write something when 
there's new data. That's probably the best way, but I'm not sure how best to 
implement that listener in my webapp.

Should I just write raw Socket code to open a listening port, and manage it all 
myself in a separate thread? Or does Resin have a facility for supporting this 
(some kind of persistent HTTP request that I can later tap into)?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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