On 5/7/2010 5:39 PM, Jeff Schnitzer wrote:
> I doublechecked the spec and the current Resin behavior is the proper
> behavior.  I don't think this behavior has changed in the spec, so the
> old behavior was a bug.  You can't use the empty operator to test for
> the existence of fields (or methods).


> As to the rationale for the spec... it does make some amount of sense,
> helping to reduce one very common type of bug (I'm getting properties
> of a ThingA and the object turns out to be a ThingB).  I'm sure all
> the arguments for static typing vs duck typing apply here.

That's a bummer.  I preferred the old behavior as it's closer to 
JavaScript associative arrays, which are nice and flexible.  But mainly 
because we were relying on that behavior. :)

> Note:  There is nothing special about the empty operator; expressions
> are resolved as normal and then the result is tested for null or empty
> collection.  If expression evaluation ever tries to access a field or
> method that doesn't exist on an object, the EL resolver throws
> PropertyNotFoundException or MethodNotFoundException.
> Jeff

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