Hi Scott,

I found a frustrating problem when porting my framework to accommodate the
Servlet 3.0 file upload spec in Resin 4.0.8/4.0.9.

There did has a (private Object _value) in
com.caucho.server.http.HttpServletRequestImpl.PartImpl, however,
if it's not a file upload but a common text form field, I could nowhere to
retreive the text value
of the part throught current implementation.

I don't want to write the text value to a file and read it into a string.
It's just stupid.

I know it's probably a spec issue without an

Object getValue();


String getTextValue();

, but it does has a workaround.

I think the getInputStream() should not return null when the Part is a
normal form field.
It may return a StringReader or something to let me get the string value
throught the InputStream.

maybe like this (from

  * Returns the text value of the given part.
private String getValue(Part part) throws IOException {
    String value = new
    return (value != null) ? value : ""; // Must be empty String according
HTTP spec.

Now I have to use


to retrieve the text form field value. But I know it must be wrong, because
we may have multiple fields have the same name.

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