Jeff Schnitzer wrote:
> There seems to still be a problem with singletons exposed as hessian
> services.  I can create a test project if necessary, but I'm seeing
> this behavior in two separate applications:
> 1) Create a @Singleton bean
> 2) Give the bean a @Startup @PostConstruct method that initializes some data
> 3) Give the bean a @HessianService annotation
> 4) Call the bean via hessian
> 5) Observe that the data isn't initialized
Is this javax.ejb.Singleton or javax.inject.Singleton? (I still can't 
believe the JavaEE spec allows that confusion.)

I've filed it as
> This was a problem long ago in 4.0.0 (with the equivalent annotations
> at the time) but I thought it was fixed sometime later.  I could be
> wrong about that though.  The old workaround was to have the hessian
> endpoint on a different bean which itself injects the singleton.

Because of all the spec changes and some big internal changes we needed 
to make to pass the TCK, it's very possible that fix no longer applies.

-- Scott
> Jeff
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