Riccardo Cohen wrote:
> Hello
> I successfully wrote a soap web service with cxf (in resin 4.0.9) and I 
> need to check the IP of the caller. I need the servlet context, and 
> found some thread about this.
> I tried to add :
>    @Resource public WebServiceContext wscontext;
> in the servlet, but have the error message :
> ms.CarteMusiqueWSAction.wscontext @Resource cannot find any matching 
> resources with type='interface javax.xml.ws.WebServiceContext' in 
> InjectManager[web-app:http://default]
> I suppose that something is missing but what ?

How are you configuring the service in Resin?

It looks like we'll need to do a little bit of magic to make it work, 
but I need to make sure I'm looking at it the same way you're using it.

-- Scott
> Thanks for any suggestion.

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