I am running resin 4.0.7 and I store a user object in the session using 
"User_Bean" as a key. Everything works fine most of the time but it seems when 
my session expires and I have not logged out, every subsequent call to get this 
object returns some HashMap instead of my object or null. Since I am casting 
the object when I retrieve it from the session the message I get is:

java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to 

Is there some reason why getting an object from the session would return a Map 
instead of the object? Is "User_Bean" some reserved word or something? The only 
way I have been able to get my application working again is to shutdown the 
server, delete everything in the resin-data folder and restart (deleting the 
exploded war, deploying the app again, restarting all do not work).

Also, this seems to happen on resin 4.0.9 as well.


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