I'm doing url-rewriting in code and not in conf. What I do is write some 
servlet mapping :

   <servlet-mapping url-pattern="/fr/*" servlet-name="urlmanager"/>
   <servlet-mapping url-pattern="/en/*" servlet-name="urlmanager"/>

In the urlmanager servlet, I'm able to redirect or forward any request 
based on the current context (request url and application configuration)

To redirect :
To forward :

About the choice between forward or redirect, it depends only if you 
want the browser's url to change or not. This has also an effect on 
search engine optimization.

On 18/08/10 20:52, Francis, Steve (IHG) wrote:
> I'm not sure if I want a redirect of a forward here.  I'll explain.  I
> have a linux host with multpile IP addresses, and therefore, multiple
> DNS names. I'd like to be able to send requests for a base dns name with
> nothing after the .com to a specific application.
> http://hmisupportqa.hiw.com <http://hmisupportqa.hiw.com/> to
> http://hmisupportqa.hiw.com/support/SupportServer
> and
> http://hmi-qa.hiw.com <http://hmi-qa.hiw.com/> to
> http://hmi-qa.hiw.com/mqsservlet/ViewHdxMsg
> and still allow the standard website to be viewed via
> http://adczlnxhmiqa1.hiw.com <http://adczlnxhmiqa1.hiw.com/>
> What I don't want is a bad url that redirects other valid urls such as
> http://hmisupportqa.hiw.com/support/DisplayHotelStatus back to the
> http://hmisupportqa.hiw.com/support/SupportServer as that would break
> the application.
> Is this possible? I couldn't really tell from the doc.
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