Hello everyone again :-)

I continued to play around with the maven plugin from resin 4

$ mvn -e resin:jspc
[INFO] com.caucho.jsp.JspLineParseException: A.jsp:1: 
'http://java.sun.com/jstl/core' has no matching taglib-uri.  Taglibs specified 
with an absolute URI must either be:
1) specified in the web.xml
2) defined in a jar's .tld in META-INF
3) defined in a .tld in WEB-INF
4) predefined by Resin

1:  <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="http://java.sun.com/jstl/core"%>

1,2,3) is valid, since i did not add my own "jar" for the core-tags, i rely on 
resin for that.

So it should be 4), predefined by Resin. But why the plugin can not find it? 
Running this "A.jsp" in the Resin Application is no problem, on the other hand. 

I even checked the downoaded resin.jar, the core tld is there:

  $ ~/.m2/repository/com/caucho/resin/4.0-SNAPSHOT$ jar tvf resin 
4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar | grep core-el.tld

I checked the uri of that core-el.tld:


So this should match properly.

Manually i copied then the core-el.ld into the "target/app/WEB-INF/" folder as 
suggested in 3). 

And this works. The plugin finds it. But only as a work around.

Shouldnt the maven plugin also look into the resin.jar for tld? Or should not 
the TldManager at least know about its own tlds?

Pity, the maven plugin is not available as source code. 

But maybe i am just doing something wrong. :-)
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