When using the <watchdog-manager>, the examples show 

<watchdog id="user_1">
   <open-port address="" port="80"/>

<watchdog id="user_n">
   <open-port address="" port="80"/>

Need help with following:

1.) Information about resin.xml file detailed above.  Typcial resin.conf files 
include a port to open, typically port 80. However, when running many hosts 
with separate JVM's behind apache we are specifying many http ports, like 
8080,8081,8082, etc.

How does the watchdog deal with multiple ports, do we still need a resin.conf 
file?  I need a bit more info before I can put together all of the examples. 

I'd love to pull Apache out of the equation, but right now its redirection the 
proper host to the proper port.

      <!-- The http port -->
      <http address="*" port="8080"/>


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