I'm seeing a strange behavior where resin is redirecting (302) a url when
you leave off the final / in the URL:

if I hit www.somehost.com/en I get this output:

GET http://www.somehost.com/en
302 Found to http://www.somehost.com/en/

GET http://www.somehost.com/en/
200 OK (text/html)

If I hit www.somehost.com/en/ I get this output:

GET http://www.qa.mfg.com/en/
200 OK (text/html)

The main reason this is a problem, is when search engines index you they
will keep a 302 and index it differently versus a 301.  It would actually be
better if we could change it to a 301, then google,etc wouldn't consider
www.somehost.com/en a different URL than www.somehost.com/en/ which
currently happens when someone links to the directory without the final /

Any thoughts?

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