We're testing Resin 4.0.10, and we've run into a problem with one of our 
servers, which is a Windows 2003 server IIS 6 and PHP plugins for a content 
management system.

However, when I install the ISAPI filter to allow for requests from IIS to 
Resin 4, Resin 4 takes over the PHP mappings, causing the content management 
system to stop working since it's not configured in Resin 4.

For now, we'd like the CMS to stay on the PHP plugins (which are accelerated 
and set up exactly the way we want them).

I've tried to edit the app-default.xml file in the /conf directory and 
commenting out the PHP servlet and mapping for PHP files, but it still doesn't 

I can't find anything in the official documentation or by googling.

Thanks in advance!


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