So we were having all kinds of performance issues with the Resin Eclipse 
plugin (which may or may not be supported, but we use it like crazy now).

The performance problem we were all having is that every time we would 
change some JSP source, we would have to wait WAY too long for the JSP 
to recompile.  It was painful, but we have been living with it.

After much head scratching one of our guys figured out that when you set 
up a new server, there is a default setting that is causing the 
problem.  This may be well documented, but three of us independently 
couldn't Google a resolution, so I thought I'd post it here.

In the "Servers" view, on the "Open" --> Open launch configuration --> 
Arguments tab, this VM argument is set by default:


We always ignored that.  Turns out that's the problem.

For windows 64-bit machines change that to:


And for 32-bit machines change it to:


Presto it all starts compiling very quickly, as it should.

This may be obvious, and nobody else but us are stupid enough not to 
swap that out, but we just let the defaults be what they are and it bit us.


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