Apologies for the basic nature of this question, but I am starting a new 
project and want the best (& most future proof) toolset I can get. So 
clearly I start with Resin (;-)) but I now find myself lost in a sea of 
competing JPA offerings, and I don't know much about them. I can only 
relate back to a project I did with Resin about a year ago in which I 
wired in Hibernate since I was familiar with it for other assignments. 
Now I'm starting fresh I see I could use it again - at least I'll be on 
familiar ground. The front end is GWT and I am particularly drawn to the 
new RequestFactory system since it's designed for JPA 
Whilst researching JPA systems I saw Eclipselink, which comes in the 
/lib folder with Resin 4.0.14. But is that how Resin implements JPA or 
is there a native way for which no external systems are needed? Googling 
"Resin JPA" throws up links to Amber - but these seem a couple years old 
now at aimed at Resin 3.1. My gut says Eclipselink will be well 
supported - how widespread is it in the field? And generally, does GWT + 
Eclipselink under Resin sound a good idea? Thanks...

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