We are running Resin Pro 3.0.25 on RHEL 5.5 and using 64-bit Sun JDK
1.6.0_05.  Recently, we have started seeing several incidents where the
Resin JVM seems to just randomly get restarted.  There is nothing in the
logs to indicate that the JVM was shutdown cleanly or a restart was
attempted, the log files just go from displaying regular log lines to
displaying the following:

[11:24:18.095] com.caucho.log.EnvironmentLogger.log Server[myserver]

Things that have already been checked:

1. There doesn’t appear to be a JVM crash as no HotSpot Error log files are
created as they usually would be.

2. There are no signs in the sudo logs that anyone is manually restarting
the JVM.

3. There are no signs in the logs that Resin is restarting itself even
though we have a “min-free-memory” setting of 1M.  With higher values of
that setting we have seen the JVM get restarted due to low memory, but I am
pretty sure logging always indicated that the JVM was restarting when this
happened before.

4. We are not using the resin “ping” check that might restart the JVM if it
is unresponsive.

5.     Kernel logging is enabled and it doesn't look like the kernel is
killing it for any reason

It almost seems as if the JVM is just getting a kill -9 and then the wrapper
script is starting it back up.  What is the best way to track down what
might be killing the JVM?  We are in the process of testing an upgrade to a
newer version of the JDK, but I am not very confident that will fix the
problem.  I am going to try to turn on full Resin debug logging, but I
thought I would reach out in case anyone else had an idea of how to track
this down.  Is there a way to wrap the Linux kill command to find out if
that is being run?  Any other suggestions on where to look?
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