On our development-server we have installed resin-pro-4.0.16.
To restrict our developers access, we use the method described as "ISP 
watchdog management" 

However, since this is a development server each application can be 
hot-deployed several times each day. This occasionally leads to the 
watchdog process running out of memory. Hence, our developers can't 
restart their applications. Is there a simple way of solving this?

Our current solution is to do a shutdown of the watchdog every night, 
however, I would prefer a more elegant solution.

Our problem has also lead to a few more questions I have not been able 
to find the answer to:

- How can we increase the memory for the watchdog-manager? Default seems 
to be: -Xss256k -Xmx32m

- Since we want ALL the logs of each application to be stored in a 
separate folder for the application, we set the "-log-directory" option 
for each application when it starts. The watchdog-manager.log will 
therefore be located together with the logs of the first application we 
start. Since which application is started first can be different, we get 
several watchdog-manager.log files laying around. Is there a way for 
specifying where the watchdog-manager.log file should be located? For 
example in the watchdog.xml file?

This could of course be solved with symlinks in every application-log 
folder to a specific watchdog-manager.log, however, once again I would 
prefer a more elegant solution.

- If I'm not mistaken the <watchdog-default> within a <watchdog-manager> 
requires the "id" to be set. Is this a bug? (I have not tested if this 
still is the case for 4.0.16)

Halvor Utby

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