On 5/26/2011 11:07 AM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> On 05/26/2011 02:29 AM, Aaron Freeman wrote:
>> Starting with resin-4.0.16 and persisting with Resin-4.0.18 we can no
>> longer shutdown the Resin process properly.  When I attempt to do so I
>> get this:
> Do you have multiple<resin:AdminAuthenticator>  or
> <resin:XmlAuthenticator>  anywhere in the resin.xml file?
> It looks like Resin can't choose the correct authenticator to see if the
> shutdown request is valid or not.

We have neither, but based on your feedback I commented out this as a test:

<user name="admin" password="..."/>

and this:

<web-app id="/resin-admin" root-directory="${resin.home}/doc/admin">
<resin:set var="resin_admin_external" value="true"/>
<resin:set var="resin_admin_insecure" value="true"/>

and now I can cleanly start it up and take it down, though now we can't 
hit the resin-admin web-app (obviously).  I guess <management> might be 
"old school" so I will search to find the resin-pro-4.0.14 way to get 
the resin-admin working properly.

Thanks for the hints guys,


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