On 8/9/2011 11:09 AM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> <resin:SendError code="404"/>

Oh cool, I'll give that a go.  I should have updated to teh Resin 4.0 
equivalents long ago!

An interesting point ... if you still have 
<rewrite-dispatch>...</rewrite-dispatch> it can completely take 
precedence over the <resin:...> rules if you aren't careful -- causing 
the resin: rules not to work properly even if they come before the 
<rewrite-dispatch> rules.  I just ran into that .. not a single one of 
the resin: stuff would work, then when I commented out all of my 
<rewrite-dispatch> rules suddenly ALL the resin: rules started working 

I think it was just matching on the <rewrite-dispatch> stuff first 
regardless of whether there were resin: rules before or after it and I 
have a catch-all in the <rewrite-dispatch> rules.


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