We have a Resin powered JEE app and are expanding it to work with 
Android. One of the cool things on Android is you know the user is 
logged into a Google account. With the Google App Engine, you can do 
more that just authenticate since they provide all the back end service 
data. For example, if I created a simple App Engine app which asked for 
the Google id and password, I could then say "Hi John" having pulled 
John as the real username, rather than the email address.

So to expand we can either (gulp) lose Resin and move entirely to the 
App Engine, which I really don't want to do, or replicate the 
authentication system Google uses, as in the simple example above, to do 
it on Resin (which is what I prefer). In other words I want to 
authenticate a valid Google user using Resin but never see the password.

I see this issue as becoming more and more common, for example Google 
just opened the API for Google+, and a great use case for us is to be 
able to access a users circles from server side java.

So as usual its over to you smarts on this list for ideas, or 
suggestions such as if I should be looking at some OpenId or whatever 
based system I can roll in ;-) Sincere thanks...

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