Hi Scott,

I used to bundle JUEL 2.1.x in my webapp and it run fine with resin 4.0.x.

After I upgrade to JUEL 2.2.3, some of the el expressions in jsp file
threw exceptions.

The error method invocation expressions is like:


it will produce

javax.el.MethodNotFoundException: Cannot find method 'myMethod' in
'class mypackage.MyBean'

I replaced java.el package in RESIN_HOME/lib/javaee16.jar with the
same package content in juel-2.2.3.jar
then everything went fine.

So I guess the implementation of java.el in resin maybe is conformed
to the EL 2.1 spec but not the EL 2.2 one.

I looked at the source of resin el implementation and found
java.el.CompositeELResolver did not implemented the

public Object invoke(ELContext context, Object base, Object method,
Class<?>[] paramTypes, Object[] params);

method which was added since EL 2.2.

any thoughts?

Wesley Wu

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