Is there a way to change the priority / order of classloaders on 
different levels? The class-loader config tag claims to do this, but it 
seems to me it only affects the order within the current level (such as 
WEB-INF/classes vs WEB-INF/lib), and not classes already loaded by a 
higher level (${resin.rootDirectory}/lib).

In particular, I need a newer javax.el implementation than what Resin 
provides in lib/javaee-16.jar.
Preferrably I would just include the updated el-api and el-impl jars in 
my .war (WEB-INF/lib), and somehow tell Resin that they take precedence 
over the ones on resin level (without making explicit reference from 
resin.xml into the particular webapp-directory).

Is that possible...?



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