For your sitation, wouldn't it just be easier to put the new jar in the 
classpath? For example using jvm-arg.

The overriding from a child classloader has always been a bad idea. (And 
in your case, probably wouldn't work, because the JSP and Servlet and 
CDI classes depend on EL, so the EL needs to be in the same classloader 
as the JSP.)

-- Scott

On 01/12/2012 07:33 AM, Mattias Jiderhamn wrote:
> It seems this is possible via the priorityPackage setting available on
> the DynamicClassLoader, however, that isn't allowed by the config Relax
> NG schema. If I hack the schema (env.rnc), I'm able to configure
> <class-loader>
> <priority-package>javax.el</priority-package>
> (but of course that leads to other issues...).
> Is there any reason for this feature to be disable, or could the schema
> be update in the next release?
> </Mattias>
> ----- Original Message -----
> Subject: [Resin-interest] Change classloader precedence / priority / order
> Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 15:40:49 +0100
> From: Mattias Jiderhamn<>
> Is there a way to change the priority / order of classloaders on
> different levels? The class-loader config tag claims to do this, but it
> seems to me it only affects the order within the current level (such as
> WEB-INF/classes vs WEB-INF/lib), and not classes already loaded by a
> higher level (${resin.rootDirectory}/lib).
> In particular, I need a newer javax.el implementation than what Resin
> provides in lib/javaee-16.jar.
> Preferrably I would just include the updated el-api and el-impl jars in
> my .war (WEB-INF/lib), and somehow tell Resin that they take precedence
> over the ones on resin level (without making explicit reference from
> resin.xml into the particular webapp-directory).
> Is that possible...?

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