We are running a struts based application inside Resin.

In cases where a runtime error occurs for jsp pages (eg expected objects 
referenced on the page not found in the session) it seems that the 
response has already been generated partially when the error occurs and 
then the error page as specified in our resin.xml gets added to the 
response and sent to the client browser.

Because we are using gzip, this results in content encoding errors in 
the browser because it seems as if the error page is gzipped inside the 
main response which is also gzipped (I am guessing that this is what is 
occuring). If the gzip filter is disabled we get the part complete 
response with the error page tagged onto the end and a non functioning 
web page.

Error pages are specified in resin.xml for the application as follows:



Is this something that Resin should be able to handle, or is it just 
inevitable in the face of jsp runtime errors?  Is there something we 
should do or configure to prevent the response being sent untill the jsp 
has processed without error?

Thanks for any suggestions.



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