I would like to share here what seems to be a very important point for 
Resin developers.
I have been using Eclipse to write Resin applications for years now. I 
use it for Java and also for Flex with Flex Builder from Adobe.

But some of you will agree that Eclipse, even if free, is really a pain 
sometimes. (and rather slow on mac)

Last month I tried something else, that would let me work on Mac/Windows 
for Java and Flex. And I found it.

With IntelliJ I could open my Flex and Resin Eclipse projets (not as 
easy as that, but truely possible), compile and debug Flex application, 
write and debug java projets including debugging Resin (4.0.13) 
application serveur. Thing that I never could do with Eclipse.

More than that I started also to use it for Php and Javascript which 
saved me a lot of time.

So even if IntelliJ is not free, I think it is really a help for Resin 
Developers (Resin plugin is integrated and working all right).

That's all.
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