I really thought since Caucho seems to be using mediawiki, that it would
be a piece of cake to get it working under resin.  That said, I have taken
and downloaded the current mediawiki, and went about configuring it up as a
virtual host on my Resin PRO server, got the directories made, archived
expanded out, and even went to the caucho wiki and grabbed the template they
provide to configure.

 All went well, I went to the page, and up came the opening page just fine,
but of course as it was new it asked me to click to configure which I did.
It asked me for my language, which defaulted to English which was fine, and
then I clicked Continue.  At that point it put up a nice red stop symbol,
and gave the following error:

Your session data was lost! Check your php.ini and make sure
session.save_path is set to an appropriate directory.

 Is there any solution to this, and if so my google fu is failing me today,
as I can't seem to find it. If anyone has any hints or suggestions on how to
fix this, I would most appreciate it..

Howard Leadmon - how...@leadmon.net

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