On 04/24/2012 01:11 PM, Rick Mann wrote:
> I think there was some stuff about this before, but what is the "Slow Alarm" 
> warning in the logs? I see a lot of this after my resin instance has been 
> running on my MacBook Pro (Lion) for a day or more. I often close the lid to 
> sleep it while I transport it.
> I get entries like this:
> [12-04-24 11:34:23.226] {CoordinatorThread[]-2} AlarmClock slow alarm 
> Alarm[alarm[NetworkListenSystem[]]] 1650229ms coordinator-delta 1679714ms
> [12-04-24 11:34:23.226] {CoordinatorThread[]-2} AlarmClock slow alarm 
> Alarm[alarm[ConnectionPool[jdbc/satdb]]] 1649693ms coordinator-delta 1679714ms
> [12-04-24 11:34:23.226] {CoordinatorThread[]-2} AlarmClock slow alarm 
> Alarm[alarm[com.caucho.log.AbstractRolloverLog$RolloverAlarm@74e427ed]] 
> 1157409ms coordinator-delta 1679714ms

In that case, it's basically reporting your shutdown. The log message is 
just to let you know that periodic tasks weren't run when you were 
expecting them.

-- Scott

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