Using Ubuntu 64bit with mod_caucho behind Apache. The 4.0.23 config 
handled a simple 2  cluster + single server in each setup (servers "a" 
and "b"), which were started separately using start -server a 
-conf/resin/conf/resin-a.xml and the same for server b. There are 
dedicated IP's for each, so the 4.0.23 config looked like this:

<cluster id="cluster-a">
<!-- The http port -->

<http address="" port="8080"/>

<cluster id="cluster-b">
<!-- The http port -->

<http address="" port="8080"/>

I see when each resin instance starts the line "http listening to" appears in the 4.0.23 start up log, correctly 
applicable to each IP. I set up the 4.0.27 config as closely as I could 
to this and get the conflict message on whichever starts the second - 
the first having hogged *:8080. I also see the line "http listening to 
*:8080" in each instances start up log, I'm sure this is the real cause 
but I just couldn't find where to control that IP in the new config. I 
did see the port change when I made local copies of the properties files 
and used them, ie. with the http: entry, but nothing 
I did to either the web_servers or app_servers entries there affected 
the IP. Using the above 2 <http> entries in the new config files also 
made no difference.
What am I missing please?

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