On 01/05/2012 23:01, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> You can modify the resin.xml and add <http> elements for each server
> with your own property names. I think that would be the easiest.
I tried that before I even made the first posting. Yes, each server then 
does get its own IP but the dreaded "listening to *:8080" is still there 
for the resin instance itself, which for >1 is the root cause of this issue.
> You can also change the cluster-default.xml or make a new one of your
> own. The standard config is just intended to handle most simple
> configurations, not all sites.
Its *the* cluster-default.xml, i.e. singular, which I want to get away 
from - I know ours is a simple setup, but there are 2 clusters, one per 
resin instance, so if a change is needed to cluster-default.xml, I need 
a way to specify each one to be used when starting resin. I just want 
the whole setup to work like it did before really, when I used (and 
still am since I can't upgrade till this is fixed) "resin.sh -server a" 
and "resin.sh -server b". I'm actually looking forwards to this so I can 
then play with the excellent dynamic server and load balancing stuff I 
see you've added!

-- Carl

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