An alternative that might be no that performant would be to use 
mod_proxy/mod_rewrite to send requests to Resin instead of using 
mod_caucho. That would let you choose the locations/directories that you 
want to forward to resin and which ones you want to process in Apache.
Not sure if mod_caucho also allows this fine grained control, as I don't 
use it, but in the mean time...

Daniel Lopez Janariz (
Web Services
Balearic Islands University

El 08/05/2012 21:38, Stargazer escribió:
> On 07/05/2012 09:51, Stargazer wrote:
>> On 06/05/2012 21:20, Nikolaj wrote:
>>> I would think you should look at your apache conf. First the request
>>> will go through Apache, which has to decide which handler will get
>>> the request.
>> Ummm... thanks but there's a bigger problem here - as I recall, Apache
>> still serves the *.html, *.jpg etc from the sites whereas quercus
>> handles the *.php. So how does apache know is
>> actually on the disk under /www/quercus/ unless
>> it's aware of the resin config?
>> This is how httpd.conf looks:
>> LoadModule caucho_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/
>> ResinConfigServer localhost 6800
>> CauchoConfigCacheDirectory /tmp
>> CauchoStatus yes
>> I have to comment all those out in order to get the sites served by
>> regular php.
> It seems this question has also gone unanswered in the forums for a
> couple of months too:
>>> On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 10:34 PM, Stargazer
>>> < <>> wrote:
>>>     I just installed resin to a server with > 100 php apps (your
>>>     typical mix
>>>     of drupal etc) intending for just a few to use Quercus as a test,
>>>     then
>>>     move the rest over in a managed way. What I find is all sites now
>>>     fail
>>>     as resin as hijacked the *.php extension. Its pretty much a default
>>>     installation, all I did was attempt to fix this with commenting
>>>     out the
>>>     *.php servlet-mapping in app-default.xml but it had no effect.
>>>     What have
>>>     I missed please?

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