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> Subject: Re: [Resin-interest] Out of PermGen space
> Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 11:23:41 +0200
> From: Mattias Jiderhamn <mj-li...@expertsystems.se>
> I should also mention, that I have an open bug report on Resin 4.0.27
> which seems to cause classloader leaks.
> http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=5010

Has anyone had time to confirm this bug?
It seems to be triggered more often when using JSF, so when developing 
JSF applications I need to restart the server over and over (no 
difference whether HotSwap is enabled or not).
Would be happy to know if there is hope that this will be fixed.


> In pretty much every heap dump I analyze for ZombieClassLoaderMarker
> these days, com.caucho.config.inject.InjectManager turns up somewhere in
> the path to root. Not sure if it will fix all the problems, but it sure
> would be interesting to try a Resin version without this issue.
> P.S. I did some experimenting with Resin Pro vs Open Source today, and
> on both found some strange paths leading to "<JNI Local>
> com.caucho.env.thread2.ResinThread2". Disabling JNI (on Windows,
> removing resin_os.dll) seemed to postpone the crash (which again
> included InjectManager) substantially. Not enought statistics to draw
> conclustions, but there *may* be something fishy about the JNI
> connection under Windows.
> </Mattias>
-- </Mattias>

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