Hi, I'm using resin-3.1.3 on a busy site. Periodically the site
freezes. A jstack on the server shows most threads in this state:

java.lang.Thread.State: TIMED_WAITING (on object monitor)
at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)
at com.caucho.jca.ConnectionPool.create(ConnectionPool.java:897)
- locked <0x00002aaaba60be48> (a java.util.ArrayList)
at com.caucho.jca.ConnectionPool.allocatePool(ConnectionPool.java:779)
at com.caucho.jca.ConnectionPool.allocate(ConnectionPool.java:740)
at com.caucho.jca.ConnectionPool.allocateConnection(ConnectionPool.java:551)
at com.caucho.sql.DataSourceImpl.getConnection(DataSourceImpl.java:65)
at com.caucho.sql.DBPool.getConnection(DBPool.java:669)

It looks like no thread ever gets notified and all wait indefinitely.
Resin generally restarts itself about 15 minutes later if left alone.
The database itself apppears idle during this time.

I wondered if this might be a known problem and if upgrading to 3.1.12
would help? I don't think the pool is full. I noticed a pool timing
issue was fixed in 3.1.10 (bug 3837) and the implementation of the
allocate method changed, but that wasn't directly related to freezing.
Perhaps we should just try it and see, but I figured I'd ask if this
was noted / known behavior.

Many thanks,

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