I use resin 4.0.13, and I have one unique application that is accessed though 2 domains. It is configured in the front server as host alias :

    <host id="www.appartement-maison.fr" >

The 2 domains are in the same java application, but they answer completely different pages for different functions.

When a user is connected to the first domain with a login/password (connection information is stored in the session), I would like him to be automatically connected in the second domain. But the JSESSIONID is different so the connection information is not found, while it is the same application and the same browser.

Is it possible to share the sessions between different host aliases in one application ?
If not I will have to use a subdirectory in the first domain, which is not what we want.
I found nothing in the reference doc of <session-config> about this, and could not find a thread in this list about it.

PS: here I don't need to share cookies, only server sessions.


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