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> Hello
> I use resin 4.0.13, and I have one unique application that is accessed though 
> 2 domains. It is configured in the front server as host alias :
>     <host id="www.appartement-maison.fr" >
>       <host-alias>pro.appartement-maison.fr</host-alias>
> The 2 domains are in the same java application, but they answer completely 
> different pages for different functions.
> When a user is connected to the first domain with a login/password 
> (connection information is stored in the session), I would like him to be 
> automatically connected in the second domain. But the JSESSIONID is different 
> so the connection information is not found, while it is the same application 
> and the same browser. 
> Is it possible to share the sessions between different host aliases in one 
> application ?
> If not I will have to use a subdirectory in the first domain, which is not 
> what we want.
> I found nothing in the reference doc of <session-config> about this, and 
> could not find a thread in this list about it.
> PS: here I don't need to share cookies, only server sessions.

Hi Riccardo,

You do need to share cookies, because the session is tied to the JSESSIONID.  
You're getting different sessions because the Set-cookie domain defaults to the 
full host name, which is different in your case between www... and pro...

If all your host names end with "appartement-maison.fr", then simply set 


If you have more than one domain, or need more control you can use 

cookie-domain-regexp accepts a regular expression used to extract the domain 
from the requested host. Probable configuration:


For example, using this regexp will produce the following:

Host: xxx.yyy.zzz.foo.com =  Set-Cookie domain: foo.com
Host: zzz.foo.com =  Set-Cookie domain: foo.com
Host: foo.com =  Set-Cookie domain: foo.com
Host: bar.com =  Set-Cookie domain: bar.com

(I'll adding this all to wiki4.caucho.com shortly.)


> Thanks.
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