We're in the process of setting up a new server and have installed Resin 
4.0.29 from RPM. We have made minimal changes to the config to get up 
and running, and are facing an issue we haven't seen on any other Resin 
installation: When a .war is redeployed it seems the contents of the new 
.war is extracted, although the old content is not removed.

This means, for example, if a JAR file is updated from foo-1.0.jar to 
foo-1.1.jar, when deployed on the new server we will have both 
foo-1.0.jar and foo-1.1.jar (and thus foo-1.0.jar will be used and this 
causes problems).

Restarting Resin doesn't help. Once a file ends up in the expanded 
directory, I can only get rid of it by manual delete.
Resin is currently running as root, so I can't really see how it could 
be an access issue.

I have increased Resin logging but can't find anything abnormal in there.

Are there any settings that can affect this?
Anything I should look for in the log? (Any particular Resin package I 
should limit the logging to?)



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