We have a number of JSPX files that work properly in 3.1.7a, but are failing 
now in versions 4.0.20 and 4.0.31 with problems in the encoding. The question 
is whether the source JSPX file needs to be parsed properly as XML prior to 
processing, or after. The example below illustrates it:

This code works in 3.1.7a, but not 4.0.20/31:
<c:if test="${variable eq 'Value' && !variable2 eq 'value2'}">

Giving the error msg:
[11:34:11.125] {resin-port-8080-54} invalid expression `variable eq 'Value'  
!variable2 eq 'value2''

Note that the && are missing.

Changing "&&" to "and" will make it work again in Resin 4.0.x:
 <c:if test="${variable eq 'Value' and !variable2 eq 'value2'}">

We also have a small number of scriptlet tags that use &amp; or &#38; for this. 
We just want to confirm the order parsing/processing, per the spec, and see 
whether the behavior we're seeing is expected.

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