I have two webapps in the same <host> tag. They're nearly identical (one was 
cloned from the other). But when resin starts, it complains about not being 
able to load the MySQL driver:

> [12-10-17 03:37:47.450] {resin-19} /Library/Resin/current/conf/resin.xml:188: 
> com.caucho.sql.DriverConfig.setType(): 
> com.caucho.config.ConfigRuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 
> com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource in 
> EnvironmentClassLoader[web-app:production/webapp/default/ROOT,NEW]
>                        186:                           
> <max-idle-time>30s</max-idle-time>
>                        187:                           <driver>
>                        188:                                   
> <type>com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource</type>
>                        189:                                   
> <url>jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/gamecenter</url>
>                        190:                                   
> <user>gamecenter</user>

Thing is, the other webapp loads it exactly the same way, and has no problem. 
Both apps have the .jar file in the same place inside WEB-INF/lib (using the 
tree loader).

This kind of thing seems to happen a lot, and it's always a pain to debug.



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