Wow, it must be dump-on-Rick day. Not only is my local resin (4.0.30) startup 
suddenly bonkers, so is one of my long-standing servers (4.0.19). I made some 
minor changes to the webapp, uploaded the changed files, saw it restart, 
everything was fine.

Then I stopped and re-started resin, like I always do on that machine, 
basically running this:

java -jar $RESIN_HOME/lib/resin.jar -verbose -root-directory /path/to/dir -conf 
/path/to/resin.xml start|stop

Now, it complains about the native libraries missing and JNI being a resin pro 
feature (this is just resin open source), which is fine, but it finishes 
startup in no time at all, and near as I can tell, never starts my webapp. Like 
it's not even there. No error messages in the logs, nothing.

Since it's 4:30 am and no one can respond to this, I don't know what else to do 
but install the newest resin and rebuild my server from scratch.


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