with resin2 a setup to loadbalance was pretty simple:

 LoadModule caucho_module  modules/mod_caucho.so
 CauchoConfigFile /home/krische/resin/current/conf/resin.conf

And "resin.conf" would contain N "srun" entries for N backend servers. Done.    

Even when resin.conf changes, mod_caucho would react accordingly. No restart of 
apache was necessary.   

My question: is that possible in resin4 without using any fancy resin pro 

Because in the community edition i already fail to add N server into a 
<cluster/>-configuration. Because thats only available in Resin Pro.

And to add N CauchoHosts manually in the httpd.conf and reload the whole apache 
is a pita. Also i need root-access for that. 

What would you guys recommend?

Or has anyone ever tried a different kind of loadbalancing than e.g. mod_proxy 
on apache?


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