On Apr 8, 2013, at 19:45 , Scott Ferguson <f...@caucho.com> wrote:

> That's not a Resin message (I just searched to make sure), so I'm not 
> sure what the context is.

You're right, that's from Spring, I'm pretty sure.

> From that getServletMappings() method, I'm wondering if you've 
> overridden the default servlet.

I'm not sure. I still don't know how the new servlet hotness is supposed to 

> If you have, then it makes sense that Resin is no longer service static 
> files like css, because your servlet has taken over for Resin's default 
> servlet ("resin-file").

So, *something* is still serving up *.jsp. I can even find /css/test.jsp.

I see that in app-default.xml, it has:

  <servlet-mapping url-pattern="/" 

Can I change that to "*.css" and "*.js", etc? I wish there was a way to say, 
"anything one of my Spring controllers maps, let my code handle it, anything 
else, resin should try."


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