An idea is to put an attribute "INTERNAL" (not as parameter) to the 
request when forwarding. The next one in the chain could read this 
attribute and decide to not executing the "prevent direct/external 
access" logic.

Am 11.05.2013 10:23, schrieb Riccardo Cohen:
> Well I wanted something simple... Is it possible to know if the file
> requested is from a http request or a forward() in a filter ? How do you
> do this ?
> Thanks
> On 10/05/13 15:04, Olaf Krische wrote:
>> Is writing your own filter no option, whose logic decides, what is
>> external and what is internal?
>> On 10.05.2013 13:35, Riccardo Cohen wrote:
>>> Is there any way to simply tell that path mapping should be applied only
>>> to external request and not to forward() calls ?

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