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I have just changed my mac to a new MountainLion 64b, and I 
recompiled/installed resin 4.0.13

The full application works perfectly, but I have a strange message in 
log, that was not there on the old mac (snow leopard 32b):

[13-07-18 15:49:00.450] {main} MemoryTenuredHealthCheck: WARNING: 
MemoryTenuredHealthCheck[] has no JMX ObjectName detected
[13-07-18 15:49:00.450] {main} MemoryPermGenHealthCheck: WARNING: 
MemoryPermGenHealthCheck[] has no JMX ObjectName detected

Exactly every 5 minutes I have these 2 lines on the log. I Could not 
find any info about that on google.

Thanks for your help.

Riccardo Cohen
+33 (0)6 09 83 64 49
Société Realty-Property.com
16 rue de Belle Isle
37100 Tours


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