Within Eclipse I did the following:

1) Went to New --> Dynamic Web Project

2) Selected Resin 4.0 as my Target runtime on the dialog that pops up

3) Left "Default Configuration for Resin 4.0" selected under Configuration

4) Selected "Generate web.xml deployment descriptor"

5) On the Server tab, I right-click --> New --> Server and select Resin -->
Resin 4.0 and mainly Next, Next, Next until done.

Now when I try to start the new Server (which should be sitting on port
8080) it errors out with: 

com.caucho.config.core.ResinImport.init(): Required file
'C:\...\Servers\Resin 4.0 at localhost-config\cluster-default.xml' can not
be read for resin:import.

Is this expected?   Can someone point me to a web page that shows me how to
create or setup the cluster-default.xml?  Or is there a better way to get a
Resin Server up and running using Eclipse than the steps I took?  Or maybe
my plugin is too old?   

I'm just sorta lost on where to go from here.



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