On 10/22/13 1:06 AM, Riccardo Cohen wrote:
> Hello
> I run some process on a server (debian 6.0.7 - 64b - 4 cores), that read
> files and insert data into db. When running "top" tool I have 60% to 90%
> processor idle. The rest is mainly iowait which seems natural since the
> disk is working a lot in this process (through file read and mysql write).
> Resin Pro 4.0.13 is running and answering http requests in the same
> time. During this process, Resin shows some warnings in the log :
> CpuHealthCheck: WARNING:  cpu1=99%
> I don't understand, since top show that processor is mainly idle.
> Can someone help me explain this please ?  Is there another way to
> control CPU, more precise than top ?

top and Resin should be measuring the same thing. Both are looking at 
the /proc filesystem for CPU counts. Resin averages over its 60s 
interval, so a cpu showing 99% over 60s is a busy cpu.

Normally, I believe top reports the average across all the CPUs. So if 
you had a single CPU that was very busy, Resin might report that 
warning, even though it's expected.

-- Scott

> Thanks a lot.

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