I have Resin set up on my local machine to support development of a handful of 
web sites. In order to shorten startup times, I have the main resin.xml file 
include other config files:

  <cluster id="app">

<host id="" root-directory="/Users/rmann/Projects/">
        <fileset dir="/lz/config/resin/enabled">
            <include name="*.xml"/>

Inside /lz/config/resin/enabled I have a bunch of .xml files like this:

<host xmlns="http://caucho.com/ns/resin"; 
    <web-app id="/" document-directory="LZWeb/trunk/target/build">

If I don't include the <host-name> tag, it works fine, but I can only have one 
.xml file in the enabled directory at a time. Now I'm finding I'm flipping 
between two sites frequently (they have related functionality), and I'd like to 
enable both. I added two entries to my /etc/hosts file so that I could identify 
them separately (in the example above, one entry is " 
dev.latencyzero.com"), but Resin balks with

[13-12-09 14:37:36.491] WARNING com.caucho.server.webapp.ErrorPageManager 
sendServletErrorImpl: lz.xml:2: 'host-name' is an unknown property of 

Is there any way of accomplishing what I want to do, which is to enable and 
disable apps by moving config files in and out of the "enabled" folder, and 
also have virtual hosts?



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