I'm trying to update a virtual server that runs a handful of webapps in Resin. 
The old machine was "tycho.latencyzero.com" and a bunch of DNS entries point to 
it. The web apps are configured to respond to those varying hostnames. The new 
machine temporarily has the name "stage.latencyzero.com."

I copied everything from the old machine to the new, including the resin config 
file. Obviously, I can't just go to "stage.latencyzero.com", because resin has 
no idea which webapp I really want.

Is there any way to configure resin to rewrite a request with a host like 
"foo.bar.latencyzero.com.stage.latencyzero.com" into a request for the webapp 
that responds to "foo.bar.latencyzero.com," while keeping the actual hostname 
intact for the purposes of rendering links in the pages, etc.?

Is there another technique to make this kind of migration easier?

I did manually edit resin.xml for one of my webapps to respond to 
"comics.stage.roderickmann.org," and created a DNS entry to match. But it can 
be tedious to change them all (not too bad, really, just looking for a nicer 

Eventually, all the "stage" nonesense will go away and the new machine will 
completely replace the old and the old will go away.


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