>> Hi list. It seems that Resin will load and initiate Servlet 3.0 
>> web-fragment.xml before it loads and initiates any .tld files - 
>> including <listener>s therein - within the same .jar.
>> This results in the AutoProbe module of 
>> http://messadmin.sourceforge.net/ causing exceptions, because it 
>> assumes the servlet context listener defined in it's 
>> taglib-autoprobe.tld has had it's contextInitialized() called before 
>> the filter in web-fragment.xml has it's init() called.
>> This works fine in JBoss, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what the 
>> specs has to say about this?
>> Is Resin at fault, or could MessAdmin be relying on something that 
>> simply is not defined by specs? 
> Hi Mattias,
> I am filing a bug for this: http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=5659 , 
> thanks for reporting!
> Can you try redefining the listener in your application’s web.xml as a 
> work around?

For the record, as a workaround removing the AutoProbe module altogether 
and define both listener and filter in web.xml works fine.



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