On 2/21/14, 8:24 AM, radha wrote:
> Dear All
> Resin-4-0-33  runs on a AIX box and one issues that we face is incase of
> watch dog triggers restart of resin then RESIN_HOME is take as
> $RESIN_HOME/bin.
> In fact wachdog has -Dresin.home parameter and it is showing the
> correctly the $RESIN_HOME/bin.
>    Any inputs will be helpful.
> Also how can I configured disabling of watchdog restarting resin and
> associated application?
> Any configuration that can be done?

In what way is $RESIN_HOME not being used correctly? Normally, 
applications shouldn't care about resin.home as long as the right 
version is found.

And you can't disable watchdog restarting resin. It's job is to start 
Resin if it crashes.

Why would you want to disable this?

-- Scott

> Please help me on this.

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