Developments in Java EE never cease to leave me behind, given that my day job 
is iOS development, and I poke at my server dev more as a hobby than anything 
else. I'm a moderately experienced using Spring, Hibernate and Resin. CanDI is 
new to me, but I'd like to understand it better. I think it standardizes a lot 
of functionality that Spring provides, is that a fair assessment?

My current need is to run a lengthy process (10 seconds) independent of the web 
request that triggers it. Right now, a client makes a request of my webapp, it 
updates some internal state, then starts this 10-second synchronous process. 
The result of the process is not needed by the client, so I'd like to conduct 
it in the background. I know JMS is one way to do this. But currently, my 
entire webapp runs in a single Resin instance, and I don't think I need to set 
up all the JMS stuff.

What's the "most modern" way to do what I'd like to do? Ideally, if one of 
these background tasks is already in flight, any more that come in will be 
coalesced into a single additional task, so a little coordination would be good 
(i.e., they shouldn't be completely independent instances of the task).



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