My request to update the bundled JPA API to 2.1, or at least extract the 
JAR for easy replacement ( was 
turned down with reference to the <server-default> /  <jvm-classpath> 
config option.

I have finally gotten around to trying this, with the Hibernate JPA 2.1 
API (which is the only implementation I know of). The classpath is 
indeed overridden, however it does not work due to the Amber 
implementation, even if unused. This is because 
AmberPersistenceProvider.getProviderUtil() returns null, and the 
javax.persistence.PersistenceUtil implementation assumes that the 
ProviderUtil of all providers are non-null.

I have been able to deregister Amber from the 
PersistenceProviderResolver using reflection, but again, this would have 
been sooo much easier if only there was a separate JAR.

A separate JAR would also have avoided the problem with the fact that 
the <jvm-classpath> config assumes the server is spawned by the 
watchdog, and thus does not work with the IntelliJ IDEA plugin, that 
doesn't support explicitly reordering JARs.



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