yesterday we performed a relatively big upgrade. Our most used
application (vrtx) was upgraded from Resin-pro 3.0.x to Resin-pro 4.0.41.

In addition we upgraded mod_caucho.so from a resin 3.1.13 build to a
resin 4.0.41 build. The reason for upgrading mod_caucho.so was that the
initial tests indicated that starting servers did get connections too
early with mod_caucho 3.1.13 than with 4.0.41.

The application vrtx is set up as follows in Apache:
<IfModule caucho_module>
<Location "/">
   CauchoHost   vrtx1-server 6802
   CauchoBackup vrtx2-server 6802
   SetHandler   caucho-request

and in resin.xml on vrtx1-server:
<server id="vrtx-1" allow-non-reserved-ip="true"
address="<public-ip-addr>" port="6802">
and in resin.xml on vrtx2-server:
<server id="vrtx-1" allow-non-reserved-ip="true"
address="<public-ip-addr>" port="6802">

The application data live on local storage on both servers. New data is
always written to vrtx1 and then rsynced to vrtx2 a few times a day. In
addition the database is synced to a failover-database.

Hence, we always want to connect to vrtx1 if it is ready.
In resin 3 we used
however now vrtx1 is getting connections while it is still starting.
Which results in the users getting "Service Unavailable" messages.

Switching to using Resin as a webservice is not an option since we want
to have Apache in front of all our webservices. Apache is also the
component which is handling redirects, proxies to other webservices etc.

Can this be solved somehow with using mod_caucho? Will replacing
CauchoHost with ResinConfigServer help us? (this solution will also
require backup="true" within resin.xml on vrtx2.

It also seems that resin-cache is working differently than before. How
can we enable debug-logging?

Halvor Utby

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